Company Introduction
Adhering to the mission of " Empower every customer to achieve more ", TYUN is committed to helping enterprises to build, operate and manage IT Infra and applications with more effic- iency, by establishing information security management system to navigate the implementat- ion of cloud strategy and helps to achieve digital transformation. Viewing the baseline point of security and combining with cloud transition of enterprise IT ar- chitect, TYUN engages to provide all-round and comprehensive service types in consulting, proposals, planning, security system, implementation and yearly hosting maintenance, reac- hing end-to-end cloud and security management service to enterprise customers. Meanwhile, delivers our own developing hybrid cloud management platform product-TiOps, serving four scenarios of ITSM, ITOM, Security baseline and Expense management, driving business IT to manage their Hybrid Cloud and IT Infra resources with more efficiency and truly helping them out in addressing the obstacles of cloud and security.
Product Presentation-TiOps
TiOps is our Cloud Management Platform. It enables our customers to manage multicloud (on-premises, public cloud, private cloud) services and resources. It provides provision and full life-cycle management of cloud infrastructure resources, security governance, automation and cost management. It functions as a lightweight ITSM (IT Service Management), ITOM (IT Operations Management), Compliance Check, and Cost Management.
Pain Points from Customers
  • Failed to managing resources with efficiency
    When enterprise IT engaged to open various cloud resources due to business needs, many embarrassment occasions lead to severe waste will be occurred like long resource waiting, lack of unified management, repeated work, resource overallocation, long-term low utilization, unclaimed resources, redundant or losing efficacy ones.
  • Failed to managing O&M with order
    Due to complexity of IT Infra architect and scale of IT team, if failed to define well-aligned structure of O&M then disorder of itself will be produced internally. Such as failed to constraint O&M members to operate the types of resource and the width and depth as well; Lack of intuitive fault location and trend analysis, low processing efficiency, high error rate; Difficult to unify operation and maintenance standards, and the ability of operation and maintenance personnel is uneven and easy to rework, etc.
  • Failed to managing the IT budget with baseline
    billing files are too large and trivial to be quickly processed; difficult to estimate the complex billing methods of all kinds of resources by the unified standards such as periodic payment, bidding procurement and combined billing. All kinds of resource billing methods are complex, such as payment by cycle, bidding procurement and combined billing, which is difficult to evaluate with a unified standard. Cloud suppliers could only provide analysis tools for their own resources. and they lack a holistic and unified perspective to evaluate and optimize in terms of hybrid cloud deployment
  • High security risk
    Redundancy of resources and disorders of operation and maintenance management make enterprise IT with great vulnerabilities: failed to make root cause analysis as security issues occur; insufficient managerial and protective measures could be taken facing with virus invasion; information leakage happened to those personnel without permission to access to information outside the permission
Solutions of Proposals
As enterprise business applications undergo with more complexity nowadays, traditional and single IT infra cannot obviously serve its requirements and the shift to public cloud will be irreversible. Hybrid cloud could be combined with public cloud, private cloud and physical facilities, initially ensuring the business security while keeping resource dynamic extension with flexibility, finally becoming the best proper resolution to speed up customer's strategy of go-to-cloud by accurate and precise applications.
Private Cloud
Virtual Machines
Virtual Machines
Physical Machines
Physical Machines
  • Built up of Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud Operation and Maintenance

  • Hybrid Cloud Management

  • Cloud Direct Connect

Public Cloud
    Security Service
    Big Data Analysis
    Physical Machines
    Physical Machines
Built up of Hybrid Cloud
  • Consulting
  • Customization on Hybrid Cloud Resolution
  • Carried-Out
  • Check Accomplishments
Hybrid Cloud Operation and Maintenance
Service Target
  • Security

  • Stability

  • High efficiency

  • Lower Cost

Service Method
  • Service Criteria
    ·MLPS 2.0
    ·ISO 9001
  • Highly Communication
    ·Online Ticket System
    ·7*24 Hotline and Mail Service Support
    ·VIP exclusive wechat and dingding
      service group
  • Service Report
    ·Monthly Report Online Dowloaded
    ·Elaborated by Experts
    ·Iterative optimization of PDCA
  • Service Management
    ·Applying for Assets·Managing Cloud Resources
    ·Applying for Permissions·Process Service
    ·Applying for Project·Other Services
  • Operation and Maintenance Management
    ·Command Distribution·Script Library Management
    ·Script Distribution·Ansible
    ·File Distribution·Operation Orchestration
  • Security Management
    ·Security Scanning·Log Audit
    ·Compliance Management
    ·Cloud Bastion
  • Configuration Management
    ·Permissions Management
    ·Business Tree Management
Hybrid Cloud Management
Delivering service to business groups
Security Compliance
Cost Management
Operations and Maintenance Management Supporting IT Department
Hybrid Cloud Management TiOps
to realize whatever service and support required by IT
to realize IT O&M and operational management based on data
Security Compliance
lift the security and compliance
Expense management
Improve cost management
Physical Server
Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Cloud Direct Connect
SD-WAN Networking for Enterprise
With plentiful POPs and soft-defined technology, realizing inter-connectivity of enterprises' branches and shopping-stores access to cloud within 1 fiber mile.
IDC Resources
Our IDC locating into cities of BJ/SH/WX/WH/GZ and co-operating with global suppliers spreading over South-East Asia, Europe and North-America.
Public Cloud Resources
Collaborating with popular public cloud suppliers, assistant with our customers realizing cross-cloud special line inter-connectivity by access to target cloud special line network.
Empower every customer to achieve more make enterprise IT focus on effectiveness and security

Empower every customer to achieve more
make enterprise IT focus on effectiveness and security